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Amanda Keeles

London, Ontario based artist, Amanda Keeles, is a remarkable vocalist and songwriter who unites captivating melodies with stories crafted from her lived experiences. After dusting off her decades old songbook that she found herself always adding to but never pulling from, Keeles launched her explosively successful Country music career in January 2023, leaving behind a top position in the financial industry, and a relationship that did not encourage creative pursuits. With multiple awards already to her name, Keeles has twice taken the top spot in The Canadian Open Singing/Songwriting Contest.


Growing up in a family of musicians, country music filled the rooms of her childhood home igniting the passion and creativity that flows through in her songs. Her heart felt lyrics and stage performance has captured audiences throughout her musical journey. She has performed on countless stages across Canada from piano lounges, festivals and country bars to singing national anthems at major sporting events. Her stong vocal performances are versatile with acoustic versions of self written and covers, to high energy rockin' country and classic rock favourites.

Her current release "Saving Grace" hits country radio this October. Uniting classic Country influences with modern instrumentation, "Saving Grace" blends Pop sensibilities with a dash of Rock to create a song that both tells a story, and evokes the feeling that reminiscing about a past love brings. "Saving Grace" opens with just acoustic guitar and drums, and quickly builds to include a striking, hard-to-forget electric guitar riff that flows throughout the song. Beginning in a lower tone, Keeles' vocals soar across the energetic chorus as she expresses that the joy felt in remembering a past love can be a positive, comforting experience. Noting that even those who have moved on can never forget a past flame, Keeles finds solace in the positive memories of a person who had her heart  long ago. Both relatable and uplifting, Keeles' reflective songwriting and vocal dexterity take centre stage among the vibrant instrumentation of the track. "Saving Grace" is a stunning third single from the brand new artist, and highlights that the pursuit of your dreams is always better late than never.

Her debut album "Can't Stop Me Now" is set to release early 2024 followed by an album release party tour with her band.

Her second release "My Heart Feels The Same Way Too" is a powerhouse emotional ballad telling the story of a struggling relationship.  Recently pick up SiriusXM Radio Top of the Country as well as added to many top Country Spotify playlists over 73K streams. It charted top 10 on the Canadian Country Indie Top 100 Chart.

Her debut single "Blame it on the Moonlight" released January 30, 2023 and has been picked up by over 50 Canadian Country stations Canada wide including several US stations, Australia and UK.  Her first single reached #6 on the Canadian Country Indie Charts and the video for her song is at Stingray as well as playing on ICTV in Branson Missouri. 

"The heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals are sure to leave a lasting impression on country music fans everywhere" -  Front Porch Music

"Blame it on the Moonlight" is the title. It was produced by the boys at MCC studios. (There's a reason they are the CCMA'S studio of the year!) She's got all the tools you need for a great release ... a great tune, a great production, and a warm inviting voice!- RDR Music Group


Current Releases

May 1, 2023

My Heart Feels The Same Way Too

Written by Amanda Keeles

Currently distributed across all Canadian Country Radio - RDR Music Group

Picked up by SiriusXM Top of the Country

Over 72K Spotify Streams

Over 11K YouTube Views

Currently Top 10 on Canadian County Indie Top 100 Chart

January 30, 2023

Blame it on The Moonlight

Written by Amanda Keeles

Picked up by over 50 Country radio stations across Canada, US, UK and Australia

Over 32K Spotify Streams

Debut single peaked at #6 on the Canadian Indie Country Top 100 Chart

September 22, 2023.                  Written by Amanda Keeles

Saving Grace                               Available across all streaming platforms

                                                      At Canadian Country Radio October 6, 2023

                                                      Music Video Release October 11, 2023

Amanda's second release was recorded at MCC Studios, Calgary, Alberta. Produced by 2 time Grammy and CCMA nominated Johnny Gasparic. Written by Amanda, the power ballad was recently picked up by SiriusXM Radio Top of the Country and streaming on top Spotify playlists. She is joined by Juno and CCMA award winner on bass player Chris Byrne (The Road Hammers), CCMA nominated Keith Floen on keyboards and Therry Lawson on harmony (The Travelling Mabels), Juno and CCMA nominated Joe MacIntyre on drums (Duane Steele) and Johnny Gasparic on lead guitar.

“My Heart Feels the Same Way Too” is a testament to Amanda Keeles’ talent as a songwriter and musician. With this track, she continues to make her mark on the country music scene, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. - Front Porch Music

Amanda's debut single was recorded at MCC Studio in Calgary (CCMA’s Studio of the Year for 2021 and 2022). Amanda teamed up with multitalented 2 time Grammy nominated producer Johnny Gasparic to create an upbeat country vibe. She is joined by bass player Chris Byrne (The Road Hammers, Keith Floen and Therry Lawson of The Travelling Mabels), Juno and CCMA nominated Joe MacIntyre on drums, Branson’s Bruce Hoffman on steel, and Calgary’s country artist Bill Blayney on lead guitar.

"Blame it on the Moonlight" is the title. It was produced by the boys at MCC studios. (There's a reason they are the CCMA'S studio of the year!) She's got all the tools you need for a great release ... a great tune, a great production, and a warm inviting voice!- RDR Music Group

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